Choose a four-piece set of bedding suitable for your own fabric

05/04/2021 【QQ Nest Bedding Home Textiles】

Material: Common bedding materials are: cotton, linen, chemical fiber, tencel, and silk.

When choosing a four-piece suit, we will encounter a lot of confusion. For example, are the four-piece cotton brushed four-piece suit and the washed cotton four-piece suit all cotton? What is the difference? What is the difference between 60 satin and 100 satin


Wait for confusion. Among the various four-piece categories, choosing the right fabric is a big problem when choosing bedding.


Cotton can be named according to the place of origin. For example, Egyptian cotton is produced in the Nile River Basin in Egypt; Xinjiang cotton is produced in Xinjiang. We usually see many bedding products on the Internet claiming to be Egyptian long-staple cotton, not

However, 99% of this kind is false propaganda, the proportion of domestic cotton imports is very small, and good bedding products are generally Xinjiang cotton as raw materials. Cotton is divided according to the length of fiber velvet. The term we are most familiar with is long velvet.

cotton. Long-staple cotton refers to cotton with a fiber length of more than 33mm. This type of cotton has long fibers and high strength, and can be spun into finer and more flexible yarns.

Hemp fiber is a general term for fibers obtained from various types of hemp plants. Bedding hemp is generally made of flax and ramie fibers. The linen fabric is dry and breathable, so it is suitable for use in summer and is very cool. Hemp fiber

The dimension is relatively tough, so hemp bedding generally has a bit of roughness, not fine enough.

The chemical fiber bed products are mainly made of a variety of velvet, such as velvet, crystal velvet, Korean velvet, baby velvet and so on. The chemical fiber is made into a fluffy fabric, which can make the bedding softer to the touch. In winter

Also keep warmer. Therefore, chemical fiber fabrics are in great demand every winter. Tencel is a fiber extracted from wood pulp, which is a new type of fiber. Tencel fabric is smooth and has a cool feeling, so it is especially suitable

Use in summer.

Real silk is silk, and it is also the most expensive of a variety of fabrics. A set of four-piece silk is often more than 5,000 yuan. The composition of real silk is protein, so it has good skin-friendly properties. The fineness of the silk,

The degree of smoothness is unparalleled among many fabrics. However, silk fabrics are difficult to care for, protein is easily denatured, exposure to the sun, and the use of detergents containing proteases may damage silk fabrics.

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