How to store bedding?

09/04/2021 【QQ Nest Bedding Home Textiles】

After the winter has passed, we will face the problem of quilt storage. There are also pillows and quilts that are usually idle. If they are not put in place, they will not only take up space, but also get dirty. How to store the bedding? What should I pay attention to when storing bedding?

Generally, a good set of bedding costs hundreds or even thousands. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, the bedding you bought at a high price will be reimbursed soon. In life, what storage and maintenance should we do for these beddings?

1. When storing the cotton and linen products, fold neatly, put a certain amount of mothballs, and store them in a dark, low humidity and well-ventilated place.

2. After the sheep towels need to be air-dried, let the quilt cool and then fold it. Put in insect repellent when storing, and keep it in a dry place. Do not press hard and can be dry cleaned.

3. When the silk scarf is used, if it is damp and cannot be exposed to the sun, it should be air-dried in a cool place, and then folded after air-drying. Put in insect repellent when storing and place in a dry place.

4. After the down towel is aired, let the quilt cool before folding it, put in insect repellent when storing, put it in a dry place, and wash it with water.

5. White silk bedding products cannot be placed in mothballs or in a camphor wooden box, otherwise they will turn yellow.



What to pay attention to when storing and organizing bedding


1. When storing and sorting the bedding, pay attention to storing the dark and light-colored textiles separately, folding them neatly when storing, and putting appropriate mothballs in the cotton fabric can prevent the bedding from being eaten by mildew. However, mothballs should not be placed on silk and wool textiles to prevent the textiles from turning yellow; just place them in a place with suitable environmental humidity and good ventilation.


2. Duvets and silk quilts cannot be vacuumed. This type of quilt is inherently soft and will cause fiber breakage after being relentlessly compressed. When it is taken out in the coming year, the bulkiness will be greatly affected, and the ability to keep warm and cold will be far worse than before. These two kinds of quilts are more delicate and afraid of sharp things, so a little poem thinks that you'd better use dry empty boxes or boxes with support to organize them.


3. The traditional quilt is thicker and usually not suitable for washing. In most cases, if the quilt cover is often dried and removed, the quilt basically does not need to be washed. The quilt is very damp, and the damp quilt is very easy to grow bacteria, so it should be dried frequently.



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