Girl small fresh cotton plant flower printing pillowcase pure cotton four seasons universal single double bed pillowcase-Two outfits (multiple flowers)

100% cotton, soft, comfortable and breathable

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one size 48x74cm
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Gentle and fresh, simple but not simple, as always pure cotton fabric...

The combed cotton cloth is dense, soft, tight, sweat-absorbent, breathable, anti-sensitive, easy to clean, and not easy to fluff.

And often beautiful things have their double-sidedness, but many people also like the wrinkle and astringent feeling of cotton...Like the touch of natural plant fiber fabric...

Since it is made of cotton, of course, it supports machine washes and various washes. It will not fade after a long time, and it will not have the ball.


[Fabric]: Twill combed cotton (100% cotton)

[Process]: reactive printing and dyeing

[Detail]: Invisible zipper and wide side design

【Washing】: Wash in cold water, gently wash.

Support machine wash, water wash, all kinds of wash, long-term use does not fade, no ball, no static electricity


The more cotton you use and wash, the more comfortable it will be



Reminders: 1. The fabric is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. There may be minor problems such as small jumpers, small dyeing spots, etc., but we will try our best to check before shipping, please consider it.

                2. The factory will inevitably leave thread ends in the processing process. Some thread ends need to be cut by yourself after receiving it. It is not a defect.

                3. If you put it in the warehouse before delivery, it may not be guaranteed to be flat, please forgive me!

                4. The owner's shooting level is limited, and the real objects and colors look better than the pictures...

                5. It is recommended not to exceed 30˚ machine wash, low temperature drying..

                6. About 5% of the shrink size is reserved, and there will be a ±5cm error in the cut size..              


Regarding the thickness, the merchant promises: These models are thick in the twill spun yarn, and they are of excellent quality in the twill cotton fabric. Welcome to buy...^_^




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